lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

Doomsday Machine EP

    Far Too Loud – Doomsday Machine EP

Starting the new year off with ferocity, Never Say Die Records has released yet another Decimator of Dancefloors. This time the destructive tunes come from none other than Oli Cash, better known as Far Too Loud. While fans of his music are quite familiar with his style, his most recent release features some differing styles. As an homage of sorts, in both Doomsday Machine and Acid 9000FTL incorporates late 80′s movie samples and Acid House inspirations. Not to worry though, long time fans ofFTL will still find this EP to be incredibly energetic, intense and possibly orgasmic (if that’s your kind of thing). Far Too Loud and Never Say Die Records never disappoint with releases and the Doomsday Machine EP is a perfect example. So get up and get moving, dance your heart out!

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